Password protection

To password-protect a phrase file:
  1. Open the main program window.
  2. Highlight the phrase file node in the phrase tree root.
  3. Select File » Set password .

You are then prompted to define a password:

After confirmation, PhraseExpress uses AES "end-to-end" encryption to protect your phrases.

  • Option "Prompt for password on program start" provides no extra security on your computer but the protected phrase cannot be opened on any other computer without the password. Which is useful if sharing the phrase file in the cloud.
  • Option "Prompt when opening the program window" allows you to use the phrases without knowing the password but if you want to edit or review them in the main program window, you would need to enter the password.
  • Option "Prompt for password to view phrases" allows you to use the phrases and even open the main program window but to expand the collapsed phrase file to review the phrases, you would need to enter the password.

Keep the password at a safe place. We won't be able to restore phrase file if you forget the password. There is no backdoor.

Backups of earlier unprotected phrase file versions are still unprotected. Consider to delete such backups.

Password-protected phrases are also protected if using the PhraseExpress Server or if you share phrase files with cloud synchronization services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. The phrase file is encrypted before it is saved to your hard disk or transmitted over the internet.

To remove the password protection:
  1. Open the main program window
  2. Highlight the password-protected phrase file node in the phrase tree root
  3. Select File » Remove password .
  4. Enter the password to authorize yourself for the password removal:

You cannot remove the password protection without knowing the password.

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