Share & Sync phrases

PhraseExpress offers multiple options to share phrases with other users:

  • PhraseExpress clients can share a common phrase file with a cloud synchronization service, such as DropBox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive or a self-hosted solution such as OwnCloud or a simple NAS network drive.
  • Cloud sharing is also your choice, if you wish to sync with an iPhone/iPad.
  • PhraseExpress clients can simultaneously load the same phrase file, stored in a network shared file directory.
  • The PhraseExpress Server creates a client-/server architecture to share a phrase file in a local network with multiple PhraseExpress clients (Windows only). The server prevents synchronization conflicts and write collisions, that can occur otherwise if a common phrase file is shared by a cloud service.
  • For 10 or more users, we recommend using PhraseExpress with a Microsoft SQL Server.

Access to phrases can be restricted to individual users. Users can have their individual phrases while sharing common phrases with others.

PhraseExpress can load phrases simultaneously from multiple sources, allowing you to use a shared phrase file and a separate phrase file, located on your local hard-drive, for example.

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