This documentation refers to PhraseExpress v17 beta. The documentation for the production version 16 is available here.


Video tutorial

To create a new phrase using the PhraseExpress Wizard:
  1. In any program, highlight the text you wish to save as a phrase in PhraseExpress.
  2. Press hotkey CTRL+ALT+C to launch the new phrase wizard.
  3. Enter a description for the phrase. PhraseExpress takes the beginning of the phrase which you can modify.
  4. Define one or more triggers for the new phrase.
  5. If desired, restrict the phrase to specific applications.
  6. Define the target folder of your phrase library where you wish to store the new phrase. PhraseExpress offers you the last used folders for your convenience.
  7. Choose if you wish to save the phrase with or without formatting.

If you press OK, the phrase will be stored in the database and a confirmation notification is shown in the task bar.

Click the notification to review/edit the phrase contents in the main program window.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents