This documentation refers to PhraseExpress v17 beta. The documentation for the production version 16 is available here.

Getting started

PhraseExpress helps you supercharge your productivity – Spend less time typing and more time doing the things you love.

Video tutorial

Let's save a phrase in PhraseExpress:
  1. In any program, highlight any text you wish to store in PhraseExpress.
  2. Click the PhraseExpress task bar icon and select "New phrase…" (or press hotkey CTRL+ ALT+ C).
  3. PhraseExpress captures the highlighted text and prompts you to enter additional information:

    Enter a meaningful description for your new phrase and skip the other options for now. We will cover those later.
  4. Press OK to save the phrase in PhraseExpress.

Done. You will never have to type this phrase again!

To insert the phrase you just saved:
  1. Place the cursor anywhere you wish to insert the new phrase.
  2. Press ALT+ SPACE - This is the one hotkey you might want to memorize as it opens the phrase menu.
  3. Type a few letters of any part of the phrase description.
  4. If the phrase menu narrowed down sufficiently, select the desired phrase with the UP and DOWN keys and press the confirmation key TAB or ENTER to insert the phrase.

Now, you probably want to grab a tea/coffee and grieve the rest of the day over how you could have lived without it.

What to do next?

Here are some suggestions:

Too lazy? Then just enable the AutoComplete feature and forget about PhraseExpress for now.

The AutoComplete feature silently listens for repetitive input and will start offering text completions after a short training period.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents