Bulk editing

Right-click phrases or folders for additional functions:

Bulk editing features allow you to automatically generate autotexts, descriptions or phrase contents:

Change font style of multiple phrases

Video tutorial

To change the font styling of multiple phrases in one go:

  1. Right-click the desired phrase folder in the tree structure.
  2. Select command "Bulk edit » Phrase contents » Change font".
  3. Configure the font change dialog as needed:

With this powerful function you can…
  • Unify all fonts of the selected phrases to another common font.
  • Change a specific font face to another font.
  • Change a specific font of a defined font size to a new font face.
  • Change the font size of texts with a specific font face to a new font size.
  • Change texts with any font but a specific font size to a new size.
  • Unify texts of any size and font to a new size.

This works for either your entire phrase library or any selection of phrases.

Remove duplicates

To find duplicate phrases within a folder, right-click the folder, that contain duplicate items and select Bulk Edit » Remove duplicates.

PhraseExpress deletes all duplicate phrases with the identical description and contents. If the autotext varies between duplicates, PhraseExpress merges the autotext variations into the remaining single phrase.

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