This documentation refers to PhraseExpress v17 beta. The documentation for the production version 16 is available here.

Known issues

Following problems are known. We continuously monitor those issues and try to work-around them if possible.

Remote Desktop and Virtual Machines

Problem: PhraseExpress installed on the host computer may not fully work inside a Remote Desktop ("RDP") or a virtual machine ("VM") window.

Reason: Remote Desktop or the virtual machine software (such as VMware, Parallels or Virtualbox) tunnels your keyboard input and the clipboard from the host computer into the RDP session with limited performance or features. This is out of our scope.

Solution: Install PhraseExpress inside the RDP or VM session.

Alternative workaround: Press and hold the CTRL -key while selecting the phrase from the popup menu. PhraseExpress will copy the phrase contents into the clipboard instead pasting it. You can then paste the phrase manually by using the clipboard.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents