This documentation refers to PhraseExpress v16 beta. The documentation for current v15 is available here.

Translate phrases

PhraseExpress supports the paid 3rd party online translation service "DeepL Pro", allowing you to translate any custom selection of unformatted phrases, phrase folders and entire language versions into a variety of languages.

You can test the translation quality without obligations on the DeepL homepage.

Video Demo

To perform translations in PhraseExpress, you need a "DeepL Pro - For Developers" subscription. DeepL offers a free option. After subscribing, you will get a "DeepL API key" which must be entered in the PhraseExpress settings.

To translate phrases:
  1. Open the main program window.
  2. In the phrase tree, right-click the desired phrase(s) or phrase folder(s) and select "Translate":

  3. Configure the translation options (see below).
  4. Press "Translate now" to translate the selected phrases.

The translation algorithm seem to require textual context and seems to be better in translating sentences than in translating individual terms or words. Macro functions in phrases or advanced formatting may split sentences into parts which may affect translation quality.
Work around: Translate an unformatted phrase without macro functions first and apply formatting/macro functions after translation.

Phrases are transmitted over the internet with SSL encryption to the "DeepL" translation service.

"DeepL" is an independent 3rd party service. We are not affiliated and do not get any commision.


The dialog shows your remaining translation credit of your DeepL account.

If no source language is specified, DeepL analyzes the text to determine the source language.

You can opt to translate phrase descriptions and/or phrase contents.

Carefully review the amount of text before enabling following options to avoid draining your translation credit:

If you selected a folder for translation, you can opt to translate not only the folder description but aditionally all items contained in this folder.

If the folder contains subfolders, those contents can be included, too. Again, carefully check the amount of text and use this function.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents