PhraseExpress for Windows - Changelog

  • Customizable form font size
  • Improved WYSIWYG form display
  • Improved Excel file import
  • Minor issue with phrase creating/updating macro function
  • AutoComplete created multiple triggers for individual items in rare situations.
  • ChatGPT option in OpenAI integration
  • Faster rendering performance of large forms.
  • SmartComplete autotext option is now also applied for items without autotext settings
  • Improved CSV import
  • Fixed issue if no access rights are set for the phrase file root.
  • Duplicate trigger filter
  • *.DocX drag & drop support
  • Clipboard Cache & Last Used folder sorting
  • Form elements can now be conditional (form input macros are now processed in conditional IF-THEN and #CHECK macros). Learn more…
  • Multi User Modus for portable mode (command-line parameter -portablemultiuser)
  • MS SQL Server 2012 compatibility (not officially supported, provided as-is).
  • Improved phrase import and copy/paste performance.
  • Phrase menus now show contents of linked phrase folders.
  • Dark/Llight can now be configured independently from system settings.
  • Text color "auto" now supports dark mode (may need to re-applied for phrases imported from earlier PhraseExpress versions).
  • Macro Recorder macros are now updated after edits.
  • Recursive popup issue.
  • Messagebox Cancel button behavior.
  • Input box appearance in 100% DPI setting
  • Macro function to use OpenAI in any program on your computer.
  • New option to install without administration privileges for use in restricted environments.
  • Faster database conversion from older PhraseExpress versions. Requires update of PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 compatibility (Experimental. Official support for SQL Server 2012 has been discontinued by Microsoft). Requires update of PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager to v16.0.34.
  • Phrase menus now also show phrase folder links.
  • Fixed input macro display issue.
  • Message box macro cancel button
  • Phrases are now completely disabled (linked phrases disabled) if triggers are disabled.
  • File paths in macro parameter now support Windows environment variables
  • Floating menus can be created with drag & drop.
  • Hidden SQL settings are now applied to the license database connection as well.
  • Access restriction system now supports >1.000 ActiveDirectory workgroups
  • Solved issue related to error message "parameter -d not found".
  • Unformatted phrases are not inserted as formatted text anymore if containing macros had no name.
  • Import correctly inherits parent folder settings.
  • Rare issue on PhraseExpress shutdown resolved.
  • Editable paragraph background-color
  • Conversion of Mac/iOS .pxi files into new .pexdb format.
  • Form phrase drop-down and dynamic folder.
  • Minor dynamic folder tree issues (copy & paste, drag & drop in the tree).
  • Sync user name with non ASCII char issue solved.

First release of major new version 16.

  • Improved compatibility with earlier phrase file versions.
  • Improved rich text formatting accuracy
  • Macro Recorder can now trigger PhraseExpress by hotkey simulation.
  • Updated phrase editor with many improvements.
  • Notification if access-restricted phrases are put into a public recycle bin.
  • Hotkeys consisting of one modifier key are now prevented.
  • PhraseExpress autotext can now be triggered by Macro Recorder.
  • Successive macros without a label were misinterpreted in rare constellations.
  • File insert macro function could not insert *.txt files.
  • Line Break (entered with keyboard shortcut SHIFT+Enter) and Page Break (CTRL+Enter) can be entered in the phrase content.
  • Support for new DeepL API v2.
  • Improved file embedding macro if nested in other macros.
  • Improved interoperability with Macro Recorder.
  • Language issue in the calendar date selection macro.
  • When master user creates phrases/folders in other user's private folders, they also become private for the corresponding user.
  • Personal phrase folders ignored access rights changes in the parent folder.
  • If license key was licensed with SQL Client Manager first and the SQL phrase database was loaded afterwards, then personal phrase folders were not automatically generated.
  • Problem with phrase edits by multiple users if phrase are located in the same folder.
  • Problem with "Save as" if there is already a file with the same name at the destination.
  • Problem with the form macro phrase drop-down selection if the selected phrase contains form elements.
  • Problem when inserting a mixture of unformatted and Word-formatted phrases into Word.
  • Fixed issue when embedding external files into a phrase.
  • File merge issue in very rare situations.
  • Optional classic tray icon (Can be configured in PhraseExpress Settings » Display).
  • Improved handling when pasting formatted clipboard contents into PhraseExpress.
  • Solved rare issue induced by the phrase menu.
  • Improved phrase tabs workflow.
  • Improved Microsoft Word formattting support.
  • Notification on cancellation of phrase insertion.
  • Stby wakeup issue resolved.
  • Phrase output issues with specific regional settings resolved.
  • Fixed unintended creation of new phrase.
  • Zoom text display issue in macro input fields solved.
  • Option to autostart PhraseExpress with Windows in diagnostic mode.
  • Button to remove hotkey associations.
  • Preview for phrase selection drop-down in forms.
  • Solved issue when you type fast in the phrase menu search box.
  • Potentially solved autotext detection issue after PC unlock/wakeup.
  • Improved desktop menu search feature
  • Scroll-wheel text zoom in macro input dialogs.
  • Improved macro input auto-complete.
  • Hotkey feature to pause autotext/hotkey detection for 5 seconds.
  • Solved issue with built-in spell checker.
  • Solved rendering issue of text zoom in phrase contents input box.
  • Many minor issues.

  • Improved parsing of macros nested in form macros.
  • Phrase preview does not alter clipboard anymore.
  • Solved incompatibility issue where PhraseExpress would block text input by Macro Recorder.
  • Improved conversion of global variables (more info)

First release of major new version 15.

  • DeepL text translation feature now supports non-breaking space in formatted phrases.
  • SmartComplete option in expert autotext settings.
  • Issues with embedded files in rare situations.
  • Help links in the software.
  • Relative backup storage paths
  • Default values in checkbox drop-downs
  • If using SQL database, master user could not see all phrases
  • Improved cAPSLOCK blocking.
  • InternetExplorer proxy server settings are used if no proxy server is configured manually.
  • Support of new DeepL API key format.
  • Improved compatibility with formatted phrases in phrase files of older versions.
  • Improved phrase menu experience
  • CapsLock key can now be used as a hotkey
  • Warning if file export is incomplete due to access right restrictions.
  • Improved phrase selection form macro.
  • Tray icon menu option "Restart with administrative rights" when suitable.
  • Phrase files can be pasted into the phrase tree with the clipboard.
  • Optional bitmap auto-resize feature if large bitmaps are pasted into phrases.
  • Cosmetic improvements

  • Support for import of the updated TextExpander file format.
  • Import/Export of entire phrase levels.
  • Form items can be dynamically shown, regardless if they are a mandatory input.
  • Import/Export of formatted phrase into the pxi/pxa format.
  • Date calculation can now also output negative values.
  • Increased tolerance of the keyboard hook against unusual session lock/unlock bursts.
  • Increased tolerance for file system defects.
  • Issues with global variables solved.
  • AutoComplete filter issue solved.

  • Enhanced settings for bitmaps within phrases (right-click bitmap).
  • Improved support for PNG with transparent background.
  • Improved selection menu placement with changed DPI settings.
  • Crash problem when using very high DPI settings under Windows 10.
  • Bugfix when using RegEx expressions in macro functions.
  • Updated documentation URLs.
  • Improved font selection in PhraseExpress editor.
  • Improved arrow key navigation in phrase menu.
  • Fixed rare crash issue on program startup.
  • Improved Microsoft Outlook Add-In installation
  • RTF formatted phrase import from older PhraseExpress versions
  • PhraseExpress can now paste from the tray icon phrase menu, if hidden by Windows
  • Macro source code view (experimental!)
  • Improved phrase insertion cancellation on ESC.
  • Increased max level of nested macros.
  • Improved licensing when using a SQL server.
  • Compatibility improvements for latest Windows 10 update.
  • Improved backwards compatibility with former HTML-formatted phrases.
  • Improved behavior if clipboard contains specific Excel related contents
  • Improved output of linked phrases.
  • #set macro now permanently stores variable contents into phrase file.
  • Notification if Microsoft Word is not installed.
  • Improved Email syntax check
  • Support for Deepl API v2
  • Improved translation of formatted phrases.
  • Improved behavior if hovering the phrase menu with expanded sub-menus.
  • Improved display of comments in phrases.
  • Improved macro parser
  • Solved issue with CTRL-click
  • Improved error handling if macro functions link to non-existing phrases.
  • Improved clipboard access right check of clipboard related macro functions.
  • Support for super-/sub script and striked-through text.
  • Improved processing of linked phrases.
  • Empty items in form input drop-downs and form groups are now hidden.
  • Global variables now support a selection of non-latin characters if using PhraseExpress with a SQL server.
  • Flag "-required" in form input macros is now processed before additional macro processing.
  • Improved syntax check for form input controls.
  • Improved form group output with embedded macro functions.
  • Form item visibility may now contain (basic) macro programming.
  • In rare cases, space characters have not been output if directly prepending macro functions.
  • Caps sensitive autotext issue fixed.
  • Improved display of hints.
  • Improved processing of specific nested macro functions.
  • Deepl language support for Portuguese and Russian.
  • Visibility vs form output processing
  • Nested global vars vs phrase preview.
  • First release of major new version.

Compatible with PhraseExpress v3 for Mac

Compatible with PhraseExpress v2 for iOS.

Compatible with Macro Recorder v1.

  • Form input macros now require an output definition (earlier PhraseExpress versions would fall-back to the label definition).
  • Support for advanced Macro Recorder instead Mouse Recorder.
  • Mouse control macros have become redundant with Macro Recorder support and are removed.
  • Expert mode removed from user interface (expert mode features are still available).
  • Support for Firebird SQL Server is deprecated. Please consider using a Microsoft SQL server.

PhraseExpress v13 first release

[Note for the video: Here used to be text in earlier versions!]


PhraseExpress v12 first release


PhraseExpress v11 first release