PhraseExpress for Windows - Changelog

  • Line Break (entered with keyboard shortcut SHIFT+Enter) and Page Break (CTRL+Enter) can be entered in the phrase content.
  • Support for new DeepL API v2.
  • Improved file embedding macro if nested in other macros.
  • Improved interoperability with Macro Recorder.
  • Language issue in the calendar date selection macro.
  • When master user creates phrases/folders in other user's private folders, they also become private for the corresponding user.
  • Personal phrase folders ignored access rights changes in the parent folder.
  • If license key was licensed with SQL Client Manager first and the SQL phrase database was loaded afterwards, then personal phrase folders were not automatically generated.
  • Problem with phrase edits by multiple users if phrase are located in the same folder.
  • Problem with "Save as" if there is already a file with the same name at the destination.
  • Problem with the form macro phrase drop-down selection if the selected phrase contains form elements.
  • Problem when inserting a mixture of unformatted and Word-formatted phrases into Word.
  • Fixed issue when embedding external files into a phrase.
  • File merge issue in very rare situations.
  • Optional classic tray icon (Can be configured in PhraseExpress Settings » Display).
  • Improved handling when pasting formatted clipboard contents into PhraseExpress.
  • Solved rare issue induced by the phrase menu.
  • Improved phrase tabs workflow.
  • Improved Microsoft Word formattting support.
  • Notification on cancellation of phrase insertion.
  • Stby wakeup issue resolved.
  • Phrase output issues with specific regional settings resolved.
  • Fixed unintended creation of new phrase.
  • Zoom text display issue in macro input fields solved.
  • Option to autostart PhraseExpress with Windows in diagnostic mode.
  • Button to remove hotkey associations.
  • Preview for phrase selection drop-down in forms.
  • Solved issue when you type fast in the phrase menu search box.
  • Potentially solved autotext detection issue after PC unlock/wakeup.
  • Improved desktop menu search feature
  • Scroll-wheel text zoom in macro input dialogs.
  • Improved macro input auto-complete.
  • Hotkey feature to pause autotext/hotkey detection for 5 seconds.
  • Solved issue with built-in spell checker.
  • Solved rendering issue of text zoom in phrase contents input box.
  • Many minor issues.

  • Improved parsing of macros nested in form macros.
  • Phrase preview does not alter clipboard anymore.
  • Solved incompatibility issue where PhraseExpress would block text input by Macro Recorder.
  • Improved conversion of global variables (more info)

First release of major new version 15.

  • DeepL text translation feature now supports non-breaking space in formatted phrases.
  • SmartComplete option in expert autotext settings.
  • Issues with embedded files in rare situations.
  • Help links in the software.
  • Relative backup storage paths
  • Default values in checkbox drop-downs
  • If using SQL database, master user could not see all phrases
  • Improved cAPSLOCK blocking.
  • InternetExplorer proxy server settings are used if no proxy server is configured manually.
  • Support of new DeepL API key format.
  • Improved compatibility with formatted phrases in phrase files of older versions.
  • Improved phrase menu experience
  • CapsLock key can now be used as a hotkey
  • Warning if file export is incomplete due to access right restrictions.
  • Improved phrase selection form macro.
  • Tray icon menu option "Restart with administrative rights" when suitable.
  • Phrase files can be pasted into the phrase tree with the clipboard.
  • Optional bitmap auto-resize feature if large bitmaps are pasted into phrases.
  • Cosmetic improvements

  • Support for import of the updated TextExpander file format.
  • Import/Export of entire phrase levels.
  • Form items can be dynamically shown, regardless if they are a mandatory input.
  • Import/Export of formatted phrase into the pxi/pxa format.
  • Date calculation can now also output negative values.
  • Increased tolerance of the keyboard hook against unusual session lock/unlock bursts.
  • Increased tolerance for file system defects.
  • Issues with global variables solved.
  • AutoComplete filter issue solved.

  • Enhanced settings for bitmaps within phrases (right-click bitmap).
  • Improved support for PNG with transparent background.
  • Improved selection menu placement with changed DPI settings.
  • Crash problem when using very high DPI settings under Windows 10.
  • Bugfix when using RegEx expressions in macro functions.
  • Updated documentation URLs.
  • Improved font selection in PhraseExpress editor.
  • Improved arrow key navigation in phrase menu.
  • Fixed rare crash issue on program startup.
  • Improved Microsoft Outlook Add-In installation
  • RTF formatted phrase import from older PhraseExpress versions
  • PhraseExpress can now paste from the tray icon phrase menu, if hidden by Windows
  • Macro source code view (experimental!)
  • Improved phrase insertion cancellation on ESC.
  • Increased max level of nested macros.
  • Improved licensing when using a SQL server.
  • Compatibility improvements for latest Windows 10 update.
  • Improved backwards compatibility with former HTML-formatted phrases.
  • Improved behavior if clipboard contains specific Excel related contents
  • Improved output of linked phrases.
  • #set macro now permanently stores variable contents into phrase file.
  • Notification if Microsoft Word is not installed.
  • Improved Email syntax check
  • Support for Deepl API v2
  • Improved translation of formatted phrases.
  • Improved behavior if hovering the phrase menu with expanded sub-menus.
  • Improved display of comments in phrases.
  • Improved macro parser
  • Solved issue with CTRL-click
  • Improved error handling if macro functions link to non-existing phrases.
  • Improved clipboard access right check of clipboard related macro functions.
  • Support for super-/sub script and striked-through text.
  • Improved processing of linked phrases.
  • Empty items in form input drop-downs and form groups are now hidden.
  • Global variables now support a selection of non-latin characters if using PhraseExpress with a SQL server.
  • Flag "-required" in form input macros is now processed before additional macro processing.
  • Improved syntax check for form input controls.
  • Improved form group output with embedded macro functions.
  • Form item visibility may now contain (basic) macro programming.
  • In rare cases, space characters have not been output if directly prepending macro functions.
  • Caps sensitive autotext issue fixed.
  • Improved display of hints.
  • Improved processing of specific nested macro functions.
  • Deepl language support for Portuguese and Russian.
  • Visibility vs form output processing
  • Nested global vars vs phrase preview.

Compatible with PhraseExpress v3 for Mac

Compatible with PhraseExpress v2 for iOS.

Compatible with Macro Recorder v1.

  • Form input macros now require an output definition (earlier PhraseExpress versions would fall-back to the label definition).
  • Support for advanced Macro Recorder instead Mouse Recorder.
  • Mouse control macros have become redundant with Macro Recorder support and are removed.
  • Expert mode removed from user interface (expert mode features are still available).
  • Support for Firebird SQL Server is deprecated. Please consider using a Microsoft SQL server.

fixFirebird SQL databases could not be opened in rare cases.

fixSolved display issues of phrase menus triggered by autotext.

newImproved display of form hints.

newImproved support for high resolution displays.


newImproved software update check.

newEnhanced compatibility of RichText formatted phrases.


newImproved processing of nested macro function.

newNew command-line parameter -novarman locks access to thevariables manager.


newThe "variables" feature is now available in the Pro Edition and for use with SQL servers.

newPhrase deletions optionally now also deletes any variable, that not used elsewhere.

newVersion history for variables (SQL server only).

newSpecific phrase and variable history versions can now be deleted individually.

newNew macro function "#set" to set temporary or permant variable contents.

newNew optional column "size" in the 3-column view.

newWarning message if a critical phrase file size is reached.

newPrepared support for "Macro Recorder".

newAdded privacy policy information.


newNew experimental "variables" feature in PhraseExpress for Windows to extend macro code for better phrase readability. Please note the important restrictions in the manual.

newThe phrase file restore feature now allows you to restore individual phrases into your current phrase file.

newImproved dialog to resolve version conflicts of shared phrase files.

newNew optional column "phrase size" in the 3-column view.

newWarning message if a critical phrase file size is reached.

newBitmaps can now be inserted into Gmail.

newSlightly rearranged ribbon menu.

fixSolved issue with formatted phrases if using Firebird SQL server.

fixFixed display issues with high resolution screens, introduced with v13.5.8


newImproved phrase menu search function.

fixFixed incompatibility issue with formatted phrases of earlier PhraseExpress versions if using SQL server.

fixFixed issue with phrase menu search feature.

fixFixed minor issues with the #formcheckcombo macro function.


new"Support" button now opens support web page as a fallback if MAPI support is missing.

newLicense key registration and update check now sends encrypted computer/user name.

newImproved update installation routine.

newImproved #check macro function.

newShortened phrase file backup file names to allow for longer phrase file names.

newDetection of “security” programs to offer compatibility troubleshooting tips.

newImproved scrolling through large phrase lists.

fixImportant bug fix if using phrases with tabulators (and tables).

fixFixed issue when editing large macro programmings.

fixTrying to solve rare issues with formatted text phrases.

fixSolved rare issue with optional UDP server search polls.


newImproved navigation in the phrase tree.

newImproved phrase file merge feature.

fixSupport for multiple email recipients if using MAPI.

fixSupport of the & character in the form element labels.


newImproved SQL server connection dialog.

newMacro function #formnum now supports negative default values.

newImproved check for installed "Microsoft Native Client" if using a SQL servers

fixFixed issue with WYSIWYG forms.


PhraseExpress v13 first release

newLicenses are not tied to a specific computer anymore. Licenses are now associated to a person, identified by the Windows user name. Licensing has not changed if PhraseExpress is used with a PhraseExpress/SQL server.This version requires an update of PhraseExpress for Android/iOS/Mac to the latest version.

  • Syntax check for text-formatted phrases.
  • Improved support for text formatted macro functions.
  • Improved rendering of multiple form macro functions.
  • Improved support for formatted text in combination with macro functions.
  • If using cloud synchronization, the device is now shown which clnew last.
  • Improved phrase sorting after usage.
  • Alternativ "Windows Notification Platform" support.
  • Improved "Search & Replace" feature.
  • Corrected line breaks if multiple phrases are linked from a formatted phrase.
  • Significant faster SQL database load time.
  • Improved correction of DOuble CApital letters and capitalization of sentences.
  • Notification on very short autotext definitions.
  • Solved issue with Firebird SQL databases.
  • Solved issue (introduced with 12.0.136) with case-sensitive autotext.
  • Portable use now supports relative file paths.
  • Enhancements to prepare for SQL server connections of PhraseExpress for Mac.
  • Improved phrase file password protection.
  • Improved Drag & Drop function.
  • Solved issues with blank lines in multi-level nested macro functions.
  • Solved display problem with phrase levels.


This version extends the phrase file format. If using multiple clients, all clients must be updated.

  • Support for formatted phrases of the PhraseExpress version for Mac.
  • Customizable phrase height in menu (Parameter "XOffset" in the configuration file)
  • Simulated keystrokes are now recognized by autotext engine.
  • Display after changing phrase background color.
  • Handling of COM server connection issues.
  • Macro functions can be copied in editor.
  • Rare issue with Ribbon menus
  • Output of imported Mac TextExpander snippets.
  • Editor spell checking feature.
  • File generation in Document Generator

PhraseExpress v12 release

  • Faster Microsoft ActiveDirectory retrieval when using a read-only domain controller.
  • Improved access restrictions (if using SQL server). Requires SQL Client Manager and SQL database update).
  • Improved TextExpander support (Removal of non-valid chars in snippets file).
  • RTF Editor update.
  • FIx double uppercase at the beginning of a phrase.
  • Uppercase first letter of a new sentence.
  • Fixed issue with line-by-line importer.
  • Solved case sensitivity issue of macro function names/parameters.
  • Improved compatibility with GTK+ based applications (Pidgin, etc.)
  • Text paste method settings.

PhraseExpress v11 release