This documentation refers to PhraseExpress v16 beta. The documentation for current v15 is available here.

Create phrases

To create a new phrase in PhraseExpress:
  1. Open the main program window.
  2. Select the target phrase folder in the left tree view.
  3. Click the "New phrase" icon in the main menu (or press CTRL+N).
  4. Select the target folder in which you want to store the phrase.
  5. Enter and configure the phrase on the right.

The phrase is saved if you close the program window by clicking the X button in the upper right of the program window, select the main menu command "File » Save" or press the hotkey CTRL+S.

PhraseExpress is not designed as a Outliner software or text archiving solution. Please keep a copy of your texts in the database/data-source of your choice.

Phrases cannbot be created/edited in following situations:
  • You do not have edit permissions.
  • The phrase file is write-protected or you are using an cached file version because the file connection is offline.
  • The administrator has manually configured PhraseExpress to exclude edit rights.

Please check the program status bar for additional informationen.

If using PhraseExpress with a SQL server:
  • Another user is editing the element.
  • The PhraseExpress client is temporarily caching the SQL server database.

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