If you purchase PhraseExpress today, upcoming new version 17 will be included in your purchase!

PhraseExpress Freeware

We give away the PhraseExpress productivity boost free-of-charge to personal users.

PhraseExpress is a major application and a dedicated team of professional developers is working hard for more than 16 years to make it what you find today.

The development is financed by the user group who benefits most - Professional users.

PhraseExpress actually tells how much it can save for you:

PhraseExpress can calculate the time and money it saves for you.

A text that may require you 30 seconds to type is pasted within a second by PhraseExpress.

PhraseExpress can easily pay off itself within a week. You just cannot afford not to use it.

Personal users can use all features of the stand-alone (non server) edition free-of-charge. However, license notifications are shown after 30 days if using one of the following features:

  • Use with a domain controller or server.
  • Use under different Windows user names.
  • Use of any feature of the commercial editions.
Take us at our word!
  • Personal users can use all functions that are advertised in the shop at any time! License notifications do not turn off the functions, but appear as a window and in the output text. They interrupt the work flow but the functions are executed.
  • There is no purchase obligation for personal users to use all functions. Only due to an editorial oversight, PhraseExpress outputs the license notice "Please license PhraseExpress if you continue to use this feature". The text has been corrected to "Please license to use the feature without license notice".

If PhraseExpress is used for any activity which generates any financial benefit (salary, wages, commission, revenue, etc.), or with multiple user accounts or a server, you qualify for a professional user and you would need to purchase a license after 30 days. Of course, PhraseExpress cannot verify it and we depend on your fairness.

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