PhraseExpress Beta Test

Welcome to the Labs

Take the next PhraseExpress generation for a test before the actual release and let us know your thoughts.

Best thing first: If you purchase PhraseExpress v15 today, PhraseExpress v16 will be included in your purchase!

The COVID19 panic changed the way we work and many are now working from home, disconnected from the company network. PhraseExpress caters to the needs of the new situation and enables many features known from use with a client-/server architecture to stand-alone use without access to a SQL server.

New features

  • New program main menu with high-resolution icons and extended "Dark Mode" support.
  • Robust new phrase storage system that can handle >100.000 phrases and a large number of large bitmaps.
  • New "peer-to-peer" sharing mechanism to prevent version conflicts and edit collisions.
  • MS Azure and Amazon AWS SQL server support.
  • Significantly increased performance, e.g. faster loading and faster phrase menu display.
  • Gender-specific phrases.
  • Phrases can be commented for team collaboration and individually restored to earlier edit versions.
  • PhraseExpress now aggreates the phrase usage by all users of a shared file.
  • Phrase libraries can be switched between different languages. This feature as known by SQL server users is now available for stand-alone users as well.
  • Phrases can be sorted either alphabetically, by usage, date of last use or by length, separately configured for individual folder.
  • Many more new features and improvements.


The new storage and trigger system brings some changes:
  • Duplicate search without merging multiple autotexts for identical phrases.
  • Firebird SQL and PhraseExpress Server support is retired and replaced with the new PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager that includes an optional ready-to-use Microsoft SQL Server (Express Edition).

The current beta is not cross-platform compatible at this time.

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