PhraseExpress Beta Test

Welcome to the Labs

Take the next PhraseExpress generation for a test before the actual release and let us know your thoughts.

New features

  • Microsoft cloud-based Azure Entra/Active Directory support.
  • Support for ChatGPT 4o ("Omni") and self-hosted AI "GPT4All" language models.
  • The desired AI engine used to translate your phrases in PhraseExpress can now be selected (DeepL or OpenAI).
  • AI-powered translation now with glossary support and word exclusions.
  • Phrases can now be configured for different targets (specific applications, file, email, clipboard).
  • Files such as email attachments can now be saved in your phrase library.
  • The SQL Client Manager can now distribute software updates to all clients for remote installation.
  • Many more new features and improvements.

Download Beta

I accept the license terms.

PhraseExpress Client

This is the regular client program:

Download Client beta

Portable Client

If you want to run PhraseExpress from a USB thumb drive:

Download Portable beta

PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager

If you wish to use PhraseExpress in a client-/server architecture. Includes a preconfigured optional Microsoft SQL Server (Express Edition) installation.

Download SQL Client Manager beta

Beta software and Release Candidates are suitable for experienced users only and provided “as is”. They are not ready for use in production environment - Use at own risk!

The beta version requires a license. The phrase file format changes during the beta test without backwards compatibility. Make sure to keep a backup of your original phrase file.

Specifications and features may be subject of change until final release.