PhraseExpress Beta Test

Welcome to the Labs

Take the next PhraseExpress generation for a test before the actual release and let us know your thoughts.

Best thing first: If you purchase PhraseExpress v15 today, PhraseExpress v16 will be included in your purchase

New features

  • New program main menu with high-resolution icons and extended "Dark Mode" support.
  • Robust new phrase storage system that can handle >100.000 phrases and a large number of large bitmaps.
  • New "peer-to-peer" sharing mechanism to prevent version conflicts and edit collisions.
  • MS Azure and Amazon AWS SQL server support.
  • SQL server support including support for ODBC driver 13/17.
  • Significantly increased performance, e.g. faster loading and faster phrase menu display.
  • Gender-specific phrases.
  • Horizontally oriented checkboxes in forms.
  • Phrases can be individually restored to earlier versions.
  • PhraseExpress now aggregates the phrase usage by all users of a shared file.
  • Phrase libraries can be switched between different languages. This feature as known by SQL server users is now available for stand-alone users as well.
  • Phrases can be sorted either alphabetically, by usage, date of last use or by length, separately configured for individual folder.
  • The number form input now also accepts point numbers.
  • Disabling triggers for a specific folder now also disables links into the disabled folder.
  • Unified file format with PhraseExpress for Mac version 5 beta.
  • Microsoft Excel *.xlsx and *.xlsm file support.
  • Improved Quicksearch options dialog.
  • More DeepL translation languages available.
  • Many more new features and improvements.


The new storage and trigger system brings some changes:
  • Duplicate search without merging multiple autotexts for identical phrases.
  • Firebird SQL and PhraseExpress Server support is retired and replaced with the new PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager that includes an optional ready-to-use Microsoft SQL Server (Express Edition).

Download Release Candidate

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PhraseExpress Client

This is the regular client program:

Download Client RC

Portable Client

If you want to run PhraseExpress from a USB thumb drive:

Download Portable RC

PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager

If you wish to use PhraseExpress in a client-/server architecture. Includes a preconfigured optional Microsoft SQL Server (Express Edition) installation.

Download SQL Client Manager RC

Beta software and Release Candidates are suitable for experienced users only and provided “as is”. They are not ready for use in production environment - Use at own risk!

The beta version requires a license. The phrase file format changes during the beta test without backwards compatibility. Make sure to keep a backup of your original phrase file.

Specifications and features may be subject of change until final release.