Sort phrases

PhraseExpress offers a variety of sort options as the topic is more complex than you might think at first.

Phrases can be sorted by their text description, contents, or autotext, each either alphabetically or by their text length ascending or descending.

To sort all phrases in a phrase folder:
  1. Open the PhraseExpress main program window
  2. In the phrase tree, right-click the folder you wish to sort.
  3. Select "Sort" and choose the desired sorting option.

Any subfolder will be put on-top and be sorted separately from the phrases.

Phrases can also be sorted temporarily within the PhraseExpress main program window: Switch to three column view mode and in the middle phrase list column, click a the column header to temporarily sort the phrases by the corresponding column. Click again to toggle the sorting order.

Additionally, phrases can automatically be sorted in the phrase menu as configured in the PhraseExpress settings.

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