Import a phrase file

To import PhraseExpress phrase files to your existing phrase library:
  1. Open the main program window.
  2. Select a folder in the phrase tree which shall hold the phrases you wish to import.
  3. Click the main menu button Import and specify the phrase file.

Alternatively, simply drag the phrase file into the phrase tree structure to the desired location.

The phrase file will be imported and added to the existing phrase file.

Importing a phrase file will add the contents to your existing phrase file. If you would like to replace the current phrase file with another phrase file, do not import but load the phrase file.

You can also import external data files and phrase files of 3rd party programs.

You cannot import a phrase file that is currently loaded in PhraseExpress already. Use Drag & Drop inside of PhraseExpress instead.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents