This documentation refers to PhraseExpress v17 beta. The documentation for the production version 16 is available here.

Move phrases

Phrases can be freely moved or copied within the folder structure and also between different phrase files/databases.

To move phrases:
  • Drag and drop the phrases or phrase folders (by their text label not their icons) into the desired target phrase folder. If you hold down the CTRL key while dragging, the elements are copied instead of moved.
  • Alternatively, select the desired elements and click the Move button in the main menu and select the desired target phrase folder/file in the dialog window.
  • Or use the clipboard to cut/copy selected elements to paste them into a selected target phrase folder.

Drag & drop items in the tree by their labels not by their icons.

Phrases can also be moved and copied across files, including access rights settings.

Phrases that are moved or copied from a password-protected phrase file to a file without password protection lose the password protection.

If phrases are moved or copied from a Windows version to the phrase file branch of a PhraseExpress Mac or iOS version, data may be trimmed according to the functionality of the edition of the target version.

If phrases are copied that are being linked from other phrases, the link in the linking phrase will not be updated to the copy of the linked phrase! We are aware that this sounds absurdly weird but please note this information. You will eventually have to manually update the links.

Items cannot be moved or copied in following situations:
  • You do not have edit permissions (or any subfolder of that folder).
  • Another user is editing the element (if using a SQL server).
  • The phrase file is write-protected.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents