Work with phrase files

PhraseExpress can load multiple phrase files simultaneously from multiple locations and show phrases of all data sources combined in a common tree structure.

You can create, load, save, unload, import, export and password-protect phrase files in PhraseExpress.

Most commands in the File menu refer to the currently selected phrase file node in the left tree view of the main program window.

The root icon in the tree view depends if you use PhraseExpress stand-alone or with a server:


Local phrase file

Local Phrase File

Phrase files have the extension .pexdb and contain the phrase folder structure, phrase contents, trigger settings, program restrictions and access permissions.

The default phrase file name is "phrases.pexdb" in the recommended folder "%appdata%\PhraseExpress\".

Cloud file

Shared phrase file

The local phrase file is synchronized with other users.

SQL database

SQL Server connection

Example: Computername:d:\data\phrases.pexsql

PhraseExpress loads the phrases from a Microsoft SQL server.

PhraseExpress Server file

PhraseExpress Server connection (retired)

Starting with PhraseExpress v16, supports Microsoft SQL Server only. The PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager includes a ready-to-use installation of the free SQL Server Express Edition.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents