Phrase File/Database

Phrase File Synchronization

PhraseExpress checks for changes made by other users of the same phrase file any time you save the phrase file.

Changes can be merged with the local file or remote/local changes can be dismissed.

If multiple users share the same phrase file and if you deactivate synchronization, any other user's changes will be overwritten. Data loss will occur!

If PhraseExpress shall not automatically detect phrase file stored in sync folders of popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc., uncheck option "Scan cloud synchronization folders".


PhraseExpress can be configured to create a phrase file backup with each change to the phrase file.

The backup storage location should differ from the phrase file storage location. PhraseExpress merges backups if multiple client installations can share the same backup storage path.

  • Make sure to have sufficient disk space. Example: If your phrase file size is 3MB you may need at least up to 300MB free disk space if you wish to keep a history of the last 100 versions.
  • Backup your phrase file to multiple different (external) storage media. Hard disk can break and they do so when you rely on them the most!
  • PhraseExpress does not create backups for system phrase files (clipboard cache, etc.) and for SQL databases.
  • The PhraseExpress Server uses a separate backup system.

SQL databases

Phrase contents are loaded from the SQL database in the moment of insertion to ensure getting up-to-date contents. Enable "Cache SQL phrases" to reduce network traffic and to speed up text insertion.

Caching increases client memory consumption and phrase contents are updated only once on program launch.

"Record phrase usage statistics" saves the number of phrase executions and date of last use into the SQL database. This is information can be used to sort phrases by usage.

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