Data Backup

PhraseExpress automatically creates backups of your data, depending if you use a phrase file, the PhraseExpress Server or a SQL server.

  • PhraseExpress does not create backups of the SQL database! Please use the back system provided with your SQL server.
  • Frequently backup your phrase file/databases to external storage media by using the file export feature.
  • PhraseExpress does not create backups for system phrase folders (such as the Clipboard Manager).
  • Backups of phrase files with password protection are protected with the same password.

Local phrase file

PhraseExpress automatically creates a backup of each phrase file change as configured in the PhraseExpress Settings » Phrase file.

To restore an earlier phrase file version :
  1. Open the main program window.
  2. Highlight the desired local phrase file node in the tree view.
  3. Click File » Restore from backup.
  4. Select the desired archive:

After confirmation, PhraseExpress restore the selected file version.

However, you are not limited to restore an entire backup. If clicking on "Show differences", you can restore individual items from any backup.

The backup feature may not be available in following cases:
  • The selected phrase tree node is a SQL/PhraseExpress Server connection.
  • The phrase file is write-protected on file level.
  • The backup folder path as specified in the settings is not accessible or invalid.
  • The backup folder does not contain any backup.
  • The backup feature is disabled in the program settings.

To delete one or multiple selected backup file click the recycle bin.

If PhraseExpress hangs, check if this caused by any "ransomware" protection feature (e.g. Acronis Active Protection").

PhraseExpress Server

If using the PhraseExpress Server, the server creates a backup of each phrase file change centrally as configured in the PhraseExpress Client Manager.

Use the Client Manager of the PhraseExpress Server to restore earlier phrase file versions.

SQL server

If using a SQL server, PhraseExpress itself does not backup SQL databases.

However, the PhraseExpress Enterprise Edition client keeps the history of each phrase change, including a time/datestamp and name of the editor.

To restore earlier phrase contents:
  1. Open the main program window.
  2. Right-click the desired phrase in the tree view and select command "Restore earlier version" from the context menu.
  3. Select from the desired archived versions and review the real-time preview in the main program window.
  4. Confirm the restore action with OK.

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