Use on the road

Depending on how you share phrases with other users, you can use PhraseExpress on the road as well, while being disconnected from the local network.

Portable Edition

If you do not use any (SQL) server to share phrases, you can run PhraseExpress from a portable USB thumb drive and use that with any computer on the road.

PhraseExpress Server

When using the PhraseExpress Server to distribute phrases in the local network, the PhraseExpress Client recognizes when the network connection is interrupted and switches to a local copy of the phrase file. Both, the phrases and the license are stored temporarily for about 30 days. This happens automatically without any action on your part.

As soon as the client is connected to the local network again, the client automatically switches back to the phrase file provided by the PhraseExpress Server in the network.

SQL Server

If using a SQL server to share phrases in the network, you can download all phrases to your computer for offline use on demand.

To make phrases from a SQL server available offline:
  1. Open the PhraseExpress main program window.
  2. Right-click the SQL server phrase node and select menu option "Use offline":

PhraseExpress downloads all phrases from the SQL server for use abroad. This may take a while.

To return to the local SQL server, repeat the steps above.

If you use phrases in multiple languages, PhraseExpress download the currently selected language, only!

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