Export a phrase file

To export a phrase/folder/file, simply click & drag it out of the phrase tree view onto the Windows desktop.

Alternatively, highlight the file or folder in the phrase tree and click File » Export or click the menu bar icon.

The exported .pxp file can be imported or opened in PhraseExpress as an autonomous (stand-alone) phrase file.

When you export, you create an independent copy of the current phrase file. The currently loaded phrase file path of the PhraseExpress installation is not changed.

Exporting as a phrase file file is used to create an external copy or data backup of your phrases as an independently usable phrase file. However, an export does not change the phrase file storage location of the PhraseExpress installation (the command "Save phrase file" is used for this).

Any password protection is still applied to the exported file!

The exported file contains only those phrases, you have access rights for!

If using phrase levels, the exported file contains only the currently selected level!

To export phrases as a text file, use the phrase export function.

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