• Do you prefer a 1:1 personal training session over reading the documentation?
  • Do you need personal assistance for installation or configuration?
  • Shall we assist you with your individual macro programming projects?

Our Training and Consulting Services

  • We answer your questions for 30 minutes per service ticket by e-mail, telephone, TeamViewer, or Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Remote Help remote desktop access.
  • Our services are provided in English, German, Ukrainian or Russian language.
  • The consulting service must be used within 7 days after purchase.
  • You deal with the actual makers of the software instead of outsourced call-center agents.
  • We support you with best knowledge and intentions, but we cannot guarantee a success. We offer a service, not a solution.

 Purchase Service Ticket

No Technical Support for my purchase?

Of course you get technical support to great extend:

  • The documentation provides detailed instructions on how to install, configure, and use PhraseExpress. With numerous step-by-step guides and a wealth of video tutorials, it offers a depth of resources you're unlikely to find elsewhere.
  • Our blog offers tutorials based on real-life applications, along with additional tips and tricks.
  • The FAQ is a continuously updated collection of solutions for all troubleshooting issues we encounter. We update it whenever we come across an intriguing new topic.

Your license purchase grants you the right to use the software and encompasses ongoing software development. This means any updates, upgrades, or even major new versions released during an active maintenance term come at no extra cost.

While PhraseExpress can be utilized as a straightforward tool, you likely chose our solution for its remarkable power and flexibility in configuration. However, delving deeper into its features can sometimes introduce complexity.

As a system-level software, PhraseExpress interacts with various versions of operating systems, other software, diverse network environments, and hardware – some of which we might not even have direct access to. As a result, every support case is unique, necessitating individual analysis of a user's setup.

Given this intricacy, it's impossible for us to delegate support to a general multi-purpose call center where representatives might merely recite a knowledge base. Instead, we pride ourselves on offering consultation services by our dedicated in-house experts, all of whom hold engineering degrees. Considering the depth and quality of this consultation, it cannot be bundled within the already competitive license fee.

Understanding that user skills and consultation needs differ, we believe imposing a flat fee on top of the license would be unjust to those who don't require additional support. Instead, we offer consulting as a tailored, time-based paid service to cater to individual needs.