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Type Faster on the Mac - New PhraseExpress v4 for Mac

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Trier, December 18, 2020 - Bartels Media GmbH has released version 4 of "PhraseExpress", the text expander for Apple Mac.

New features in v4:

  • Compatible with macOS "Big Sur".
  • Generate complete text documents based on phrase “recipe” lists.
  • Fast access to the clipboard history.
  • macOS autotext import for cross-platform Windows/Mac use.
  • Restriction of individual phrases to specific target programs.
  • Search & Replace feature with "regular expressions" (RegEx) support.
  • CSV file import for using external file contents with PhraseExpress.
  • Image resizing in the built-in text editor.

Text Templates to Increase Productivity

The productivity solution "PhraseExpress" inserts frequently used text templates into any application to turbo-charge everyday typing on Windows PC, Mac and iPhone/iPad.

Common phrases can be triggered by hotkey or autotext shortcuts. A handy phrase menu offers quick access to frequently used phrases without the hassle of memorizing abbreviations:

Cross-Platform Text Template Management for Windows, Mac and iPhone/iPad

After more than 2 Million downloads, the popular Windows application "PhraseExpress is now also available for the latest macOS version 11.0 ("Big Sur").

Phrases can be synchronized between Windows, Mac and iOS with iCloud Drive. If using Mac and Windows only, users can even use any cloud solution of their choice or alternatively take advantage of a client/server architecture with Microsoft SQL Server support. Users can share common phrases and restrict access to personal phrases.

Document Generator

The Document Generator allows users to create entire documents with just a few clicks. Based on a list of selected phrases, the program generates a finished text file that is saved in the desired location.

Clipboard Manager

By default, macOS overwrites the clipboard with new contents. PhraseExpress now remembers earlier clipboard contents for quick access by hotkey or for further use within phrases.

MacOS Autotext for Windows

PhraseExpress can import autotext items stored in macOS for use in any programs and cross-platform on Windows PCs.

Restriction to Specific Programs

PhraseExpress can now show only phrases relevant for the application the user is currently using. For example, customer services templates are shown if working in a technical support chat and bank account information templates are shown when working in a banking app or webpage.

Search & Replace with RegEx Support

The Search & replace function known from word processing programs is now also available for PhraseExpress and includes searching for phrase descriptions, autotexts and phrase contents. Regular expressions allow users to perform powerful search queries, for example, a search for any e-mail address or URLs in the phrase database.

CSV File Import

Data files can be imported line by line into PhraseExpress to create individual phrases:

Image Resizing

Images can be resized in the program's own text editor.

Free Trial Version

A free test version can be downloaded from Commercial editions with extended functionality are available from USD 49.95 including VAT at – PhraseExpress is a one-time purchase with a life-time license.