Document Generator

The Document Generator allows you to create complete documents based on a list of phrase, that can you can create with drag & drop in a snap.

Video demo

The document generator is seamlessly integrated into PhraseExpress and implemented as a regular macro function.

The Document Generator can paste the generated document into a target program or alternatively create a .txt/.rtf/.doc(x) document file.

System Requirements

  • PhraseExpress Windows client. License reminders are added to the output if using the document generator without a license. No license reminders are shown if purchasing an Enterprise Edition license.
  • A local Microsoft Word/Office installation.

Creating documents

To create a document using the Document Generator:
  1. Launch the desired target application which receives the final document.
  2. Call a phrase that contains the macro function, which opens the Document Generator. We strongly recommend to start with the sample phrases (download from here).
  3. Drag & Drop the desired phrases with the mouse from your text snippets inventory from the left to the list of phrases on the right. You can also navigate with the arrow keys.
  4. Click OK to insert the final document into the target application.


Highlight the desired items in the list of phrases you wish to preview on the right side of the Document Generator and click Preview.

You can highlight all items by CTRL-clicking the Preview button.


You can save a template of created phrase list for later re-use.

Templates are stored in a regular phrase folder which is defined by its Autotext.

The Document Generator saves its templates as regular phrases, consisting of a sequence of macro functions. You can use those template phrases together also with other phrases and freely nest/link with other PhraseExpress macro functions.

Table of Contents

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