This documentation refers to PhraseExpress v17 beta. The documentation for the production version 16 is available here.

PhraseExpress v17 Documentation

Thank you for using PhraseExpress.

PhraseExpress is an autotext utility and text template management software and saves you a lot of time in your daily office work by automating recurring input of frequently required texts in any target application.

  • PhraseExpress works in any application, not just in Word or Outlook.
  • Text snippets can include formatting and images for use in any application.
  • Phrases can be shared in the local network or over the internet.
  • You save time and work more effectively by being able to insert texts you have created as often as you like instead of having to type or formulate them each time.
  • Your correspondence will be detailed and thorough.
  • Boilerplate templates help ensure an consistent style in your communication and across your organization.
  • As PhraseExpress saves you from typing, you protect your wrists and thus your health.

We have paid particular attention to simple and intuitive operation. Phrase can be managed in a customizable folder structure including text formatting, enumerations, links, tables and images.

Phrases can be triggered using the phrase menu, by hotkeys, autotext abbreviations, at a specific time or if a specified program window is opened.

The functions described in this documentation refer to the Windows version.The documentation of the Mac version can be found here.

Videos and screenshots may have been created with earlier versions of PhraseExpress and may not reflect the user interface or feature set of the current version.

Warnings are indicated by the left warning symbol and should not be ignored.

The green light bulb indicates tips & tricks, that provide extra productivity benefits.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents