User interface

The PhraseExpress client user interface consists of the task bar icon, the phrase menus and the main program window.

Task bar icon

This icon is your main hub for PhraseExpress:
Left-ClickOpens the root-level phrase menu.
Right-clickOpens the options context menu.
Double-ClickOpens the main program window.
CTRL -ClickTemporarily enable/disable PhraseExpress.
SHIFT -ClickOpens the last executed phrase in the main program window.
ALT -ClickOpens the program settings.

Desktop menus

Phrase menus can be pinned onto the desktop to prevent them from disappearing after selecting a phrase:

Click the pin symbol in the top right of any phrase menu to keep the phrase menu on visible the desktop.

Double-click the title bar to expand/collapse desktop menus. To resize a desktop menu, click & drag the edges.

Desktop menus can show/hide automatically together with specific programs.


A desktop menu may contain various bank account information and can optionally be displayed only, if you open a specific banking website or banking software. It automatically hides if you switch to another program. Program restricted desktop menus appear as they would be attached to specific programs and virtually become part of them.

To restrict a desktop menu to particular programs, right-click any desktop menu item or its title bar and select "Restrict to specific programs".

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