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Licensing information

  • Licenses are valid lifetime and do not expire. The license is no subscription and there are no recurring fees. It's a single one-time payment.
  • The maintenance additionally provides updates, upgrades and even major new versions within the selected maintenance term. After maintenance expiration you can continue to use your license life-time.
  • Each user requires a separate license. The license is tied to the to the Apple account name.
  • If using a (SQL) server, each user connected to the server requires a separate license (more info). The PhraseExpress (SQL) Client Manager is included in the license purchase.
  • If running PhraseExpress from a USB thumb drive, each USB thumb drive requires a separate license.
  • PhraseExpress requires an online connection for the short time of the license authorization (more info). An offline registration option is available for 10+ Pro/Enterprise Edition licenses on request.
  • The license can be used for either Windows or Apple Mac. The Windows editions have different feature sets than shown here. The iPhone App mobile Apps for is not included. The iOS App does not include a license for the Mac neither.
  • The Enterprise Edition includes a special license of Macro Recorder that is active if a macro is called by PhraseExpress.