This documentation refers to PhraseExpress v17 beta. The documentation for the production version 16 is available here.

Software Updates

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The PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager can optionally check for software updates. To configure the update check, select tab Online Updates

To manually check for updates, click the button "Check now". Enable option "Auto-Check" to have the SQL Client Manager automatically check for updates.

If a new version is available, the SQL Client Manager prompts you to download the client installation file and stores it into the PhraseExpress (license) SQL database. You can optionally upload an installation file you have downloaded manually.

All licensed clients check the license SQL database for new installers on startup and if an update is present, it prompts the user to install the version. If option "Silent remote client installation" is enabled in the SQL Client Manager, the client installs the update automatically without any client user interaction.

The remote update client feature requires at least version 17 to be installed on the client computer as this feature was not available to earlier PhraseExpress versions.

If clients are connected to a SQL server, the local client update check feature is disabled to prevent version inconsistencies by spontaneously installing updates. Always make sure that all clients have the same version number.

The update check calls our server "" via regular https port 443.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents