How may we assist you?

First Aid

Our online shop is handled by the 3rd party eCommerce provider "ShareIt/DigitalRiver" who receives payment and sends the license key(s) for your online purchases.

You have received your license with the delivery email coming from "DigitalRiver/MyCommerce/ShareIt". Please browse your email inbox for any of these sender names.

If you cannot retrieve the delivery mail from your email inbox:
  1. Visit the ShareIt customers login
  2. Adjust the web page language in the upper left, if necessary.
  3. Click the button "My Account" and log into your ShareIt.
  4. You can retrieve your purchase information.

If you lost the Login information, click the "Request Login/Password" link near the user/password input boxes.

The Professional Edition of the iOS App supports a selection of macro functions of the desktop edition for Windows and Mac.

Macro functions are created in the PhraseExpress desktop client. You can’t create macros on the mobile device.

The PhraseExpress Android App is a free download and includes a basic feature set free-of-charge for personal use.

It can be extended by "InApp" purchases made within the App to obtain additional features which are outlined in the Google Playstore App description.

All licensing is exclusively handled by the Google Playstore. You do not purchase from us, every Playstore purchase is made from Google.

Licenses are tied to the Google account you are using while making a purchase in the Google Playstore.

Make sure to use the device with the same Google account, you have used to make the purchase. If you change to another Google Playstore account, the App is not licensed anymore.

If you change your Android device, all purchases should be automatically recovered if you are using the same Google purchase you have used for the purchase.

Only Google has insight of any purchase and licensing. We as the maker do not sell or license the App. We don't even know of who purchased our App.

If you run into any licensing issue, it is important to understand, that Google is your main contact. Google has all information to establish and/or recover any App license you have purchased. We have not.

Since this leads to comprehension problems for Android users in particular, please allow a comparison for a better understanding: The product manufacturer that you buy in a supermarket does not know your name either. The Coca Cola company in Atlanta won't be able to tell you which payment method you used in your local Wallmart outlet where you actually bought the product. Wallmart is the customer's contractual partner, not the manufacturer of the products you can buy there.

Licensing Troubleshooting

If you purchased an App license but the App remains/reverts to the free edition, carefully check the following tips:

  • The App license is tied to the Google account you used when making the Google Playstore purchase. Make sure to use the same Google account on your Android device.
  • The Google licensing mechanism requires an internet connection. Make sure, that no firewall or 3rd party "security" App on your Android device or in your internet connection blocks the Google Playstore licensing mechanism. If the Google Playstore licensing mechanism is not granted internet access, it cannot be able to configure the license. Please note that the Google licensing mechanism may check the license online every now and then.
  • Contact Google Playstore in case of any licensing issue. We ultimately won't be able to assist you with licensing related topics as Google doesn't provide any customer identifiable information to us.
  • The original PhraseExpress for Android is solely available in the original Google Playstore. Licensing will fail, if you purchase the App from another, unauthorized source (counterfait or non-Playstore marketplace).

Don't panic! It is unlikely, that phrases are lost (unless you uninstalled the App and confirmed to delete all associated data).

If using iCloud Drive, open the Apple "Files" App and open the folder labelled "PhraseExpress".

Does the file show a cloud tag with an arrow-down icon? Then tap the file "phrases.pxi" to trigger downloading the phrase file from your cloud account to your device.

Then close and relaunch the PhraseExpress App.

Hope this helps.

If Android prevents you from pressing the "OK" button in the accessibility service dialog:

  1. Disable any any blue light filter App.
  2. Authorize PhraseExpress in Accessibility settings.
  3. You can then reactivate the blue light filter App.

Please find the system requirements on the download pages of the Windows or Mac version.

PhraseExpress works on an Android operating system level and depends on interfaces provided by Android. Those interfaces are heavily restricted for security reasons.

Android allows Apps to read and control standard input controls of any App. However, even Google itself, the maker of Android uses non-standard input controls though, thus violation their own standard. Thus, PhraseExpress can not communicate with those Apps.

Other known Android Apps that do not use standard text input components include (as of 06/05/2019): Evernote, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Inbox by Gmail, Microsoft OneNote, Samsung Notes.

We will carefully monitor the situation. Unfortunately, it is entirely out of our hands. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Slow program start?

With Windows 10 Update to 1903, the "ActiveProtection" feature of Acronis TrueImage software seem to start blocking mouse hooks. PhraseExpress uses such mouse hook to display phrase menus at the mouse pointer position, for example.

Solution: Consider disabling "ActiveProtection" in Acronis and consider contacting Acronis for a solution. We will not be able to circumvent interferences caused by a 3rd party application.