Feature List

Features and specifications provided on our entire webpage refer to PhraseExpress for Windows unless specified otherwise. Features of the PhraseExpress version for iPhone/iPad or Apple Mac vary and are specified on the respective product pages.

Overview of available features of PhraseExpress for Windows:

Phrase Organizer Functions

  • Text snippets can be organized in a multi-level folder hierarchy.
  • Phrases can be switched between multiple languages while the folder hierarchy stays the same (requires SQL server).
  • Phrases can be triggered by…
  • The phrase menu offers access to snippets including their folder structure.
  • Snippets can be inserted as RichText, HTML and with native Microsoft Word text formatting (requires local installation of Microsoft Word).
  • Customizable background color makes identification easy.
  • Phrases can be restricted to specific programs and individual users, workgroups or domains.
  • Phrase links feature allows users to reuse phrases in multiple phrase folders/files without adding redundancy.

Client-/Server Architecture

  • Microsoft SQL server and Citrix/TerminalServer support.
  • Free Client Manager software for central user, client configuration and license management.
  • Simultaneous connections to multiple servers and phrase files.
  • Server status e-mail notifications.
  • Local data caching on network connection interruption (if using PhraseExpress Server).
  • Accumulated clients usage statistics.

Multi-Platform Support

  • Available for Microsoft Windows, iPhone/iPad and Apple Mac.
  • Phrases can be synchronized between Windows, Mac or iOS.

Dynamic Phrase Contents

Static phrases can be enhanced with dynamic content:

  • Manual text input
    • Re-usable in multiple places within a phrase.
    • Syntax checked (email, URL, numbers, letters, etc.).
    • String functions to reformat user input (text replacement, stripping unnecessary characters, etc.).
  • Input Forms
    • Custom input forms collect user input and insert the input into placeholders within the text snippet.
    • Forms can include text input, checkboxes, radio button groups, drop-downs, grid input and numeric sliders.
    • Input can be enumerated with custom enumerators (e.g. "Porsche, Mercedes and Volkswagen").
  • Date-/time stamp
    • Custom formating (e.g. "11/12/16", "Nov 12", "Monday", "23:34", "11:34pm", etc.) (Video demo).
    • Date/time math (add or subtract years, months, days, workdays Mo-Fr or Mo-Sa, hours, minutes, seconds from current date and time or any given date).
    • Time can be rounded to quarter/half hours.
    • Date picker with a calendar dialog window.
    • Calculation of the current Calendar Week or Day of the Year.
  • Windows clipboard or clipboard history contents.
  • Random number generator.
  • Phrase ramdomization.
  • External data:
    • Windows environment variables
    • ActiveDirectory LDAP variables
    • External text and bitmap files
    • XML contents (XPath)
    • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet queries and extraction of individual cells or range of cells.


The autocomplete feature recognizes repetitive phrases in your normal text input and offers you to save such frequently used phrases to your phrase library:

  • Auto-completion of single words or full sentences.
  • Continuous optimization of the text suggestions based on user habits.
  • Existing MS Word documents, or sent MS Outlook Emails can be analyzed to train the text suggestion feature.

Autotext features

Phrases can be triggered by entering text shortcuts

  • Autotext abbreviations can be reused for multiple phrases. In such case, a multiple choice menu allows you to select the desired phrase.
  • Autotexts can be automatically expanded or offered in a popup menu for optional insertion.
  • Automatic letter case adaptation of phrase optionally depending on autotext input.
  • Smart detection of unwanted text replacements.

Spelling Correction features

PhraseExpress corrects typos in any application

  • Spelling correction in different languages available free-of-charge.
  • Auto-learning of personal spelling mistakes.
  • Existing AutoCorrect entries can be imported from Microsoft Word (requires local installation of Microsoft Word) .
  • Built-In multi-language spelling checker in the phrase editor.

Clipboard Manager

Keeps the history of Windows clipboard contents.

  • Quick access to earlier clipboard contents.
  • Optionally strips text formatting when inserting clipboard contents.
  • Contents can be inserted with or without text formatting on a case-by-case basis.
  • Clipboard entries can easily be integrated into your text snippets collection.
  • Context aware features (email address, file path or URL detection/extraction).

Windows Automation

Macro functions to automate repetitive tasks

  • Integration of the automation solution "Macro Recorder".
  • Launch programs including definition of parameters and working directory.
  • Loop function to repeat automation sequences.
  • Branching with conditional statements ("if-then-else")
  • Automatic email creation including file attachments.
  • Open files or websites by hotkeys or Autotext text abbreviations.
  • Macro functions can be nested and linked.
  • Application focus change to any Windows program with customizable windows appearance.
  • Phrases can be triggered based on the current time or date.
  • Automated change of the current keyboard language scheme.
  • Keystroke simulation including special keys to automate tasks.
  • Advanced string operations (trim strings, count chars, extract sub-string, etc.).
  • Simulation of mouse movement and mouse clicks.
  • Calculation of math formulas with customizable number output format.
  • Messagebox and tray notification output.

Editing Features

Phrase contents can be edited with powerful editing features:

  • Phrases can be sorted alphabetically, by text length or usage frequency.
  • Advanced input editor for nested macro functions.
  • Descriptive variable tokens for increased phrase readability.
  • Syntax highlighting and clickable macro functions, even if nested in other macros.
  • Recycle bin feature to restore accidentally deleted phrases.
  • Edit history allows to review/restore up to 100 earlier versions of any phrase (requires use with a SQL server).
  • Bulk font type and size change in all phrases.
  • Multi-line Search & Replace feature.
  • Duplicate finder.
  • Bulk editing features.
  • Multi-language spelling checker.

Portable Edition

  • PhraseExpress can be used on any PC with a single license.
  • Automatic detection, if PhraseExpress runs from a USB memory device.
  • No data is stored on the guest computer in portable mode.

Sharing Phrases

  • Multiple users can access and share a common phrase file.
  • The synchronization feature syncs and merges changes by multiple users into the common phrase file.
  • PhraseExpress keeps a history of changes with a a rolling backup of the shared phrase file.
  • Phrase files stored on a network drive and license keys are cached if the network is temporily disconnected.
  • Cloud synchronization support allows to share phrases over the internet with popular cloud sync services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or self-hosted options, such as OwnCloud or Synology CloudSync.

Data Import

PhraseExpress can import data from a wide array of different formats (requires local installation of Microsoft Office):

  • MS Word AutoCorrect/Autotext entries and Outlook emails.
  • Microsoft Excel and CSV import including parsing of columns and rows.
  • Line-by-line import to create separate phrases for each line of text.

Data Export

Phrases can be exported in different formats (requires local installation of Microsoft Word):

  • Plain text
  • Rich Text formatting
  • Microsoft Word format
  • Email attachment with PhraseExpress phrase file
  • Printable list of all phrases including autotext and hotkey definitions.

Data Security

  • "End-to-end" phrase file AES encryption.
  • User interface can be restricted to prevent operating errors and to minimize user training.
  • PhraseExpress is digitally signed to assure program integrity.