PhraseExpress for Mac

PhraseExpress for Mac is a powerful Text Expander and Text Template Manager:

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  • Life-time license – No subscription and no recurring charges.
  • No forced use of cloud services – You can keep your snippets on your own computers.
  • Syncs with Windows and iPhone/iPad – Save time on your desktop PC and your mobile devices.
  • No search hotkey required – Suggestions show up as-you-type.

Notable Features

  • Multi-level phrase folders instead of only flat groups
  • Reusable autotexts to create multiple choice phrases (no "conflicting autotext").
  • Unparalleled macro functions to perform powerful tasks (multiple choice phrases, input forms, linking phrases, math calculations, string operations, conditional statements, loops, etc.).
  • Advanced autotext settings which can be configured individually for each phrase.
  • Text snippets import from TextExpander incl. a selection of macro functions.
  • SmartComplete feature saves you from memorizing abbreviations.

Freeware App

The PhraseExpress for Mac Freeware version is free for personal use and can store up to 10 phrases.

Phrase menu screenshot

Access your Snippets with Ease

  • Phrases are available at your finger tips.
  • Snippets can be organized by languages including sub-folders for departments, products, purposes.
  • Hotkeys provide instant access to specific phrase folders.

Powerful Autotext Options

PhraseExpress allows you to assign the same autotext shortcut to multiple snippets.

Ambiguous shortcuts trigger a phrase selection menu next to the cursor.

You only need to memorize a single autotext to get multiple snippet options.

Phrase menu screenshot
Autocomplete feature screenshot

No more Autotext memorization

Tired of ;xdly and ;rjcd?

Instead typing cryptic abbreviations, just type the beginning of the desired phrase.

A smart menu narrows down matching items as you type.

Advanced Fill-in Feature

PhraseExpress offers so much more than just inserting user input into a snippet:

  • The whole snippets adapts to the gender ("he/she", "her/his") entered in the form.
  • Checkmarked items are enumerated including conjunction "and".
  • Calculations have been made based on the user input.
  • The form input can be stored and re-used for other subsequent snippets.
Form feature screenshot
Macro example screenshot

Dynamic Snippet Contents

Powerful macro functions can insert user input, clipboard contents, external file contents and date/time stamps into snippets. Conditional statements, loops, variables, math and string operations allow you to create powerful automations.

The real power comes by nestingmacro functions: User input can feed conditional statements, that branch into can link a variety of snippets, randomize phrases, define variables, perform calculations, adapt the gender to the recipient, trigger phrases depending on date, create counters, e.g. For auto-incrementing invoice numbers, etc.

Multi-Platform Text Expander

Available for Mac, Windows and iOS

PhraseExpress for Mac can sync phrases with the Windows version and with iPhone/iPad.

All versions have been created with native development tools of each platform, allowing for snappy apps which utilize the best features of each operating system.

Multiplattform compatibility illustration
snippet access restriction screenshot

Share phrases with the Team

  • Windows and Mac users can share common phrases in a local network.
  • Multiple users can simultaneously edit phrases in the common database.
  • The professional client-/server architecture prevents write collisions and version conflicts.
  • Access can be restricted to specific users or workgroups, allowing users to configure personal and shared phrases.