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Thank you for choosing PhraseExpress.

PhraseExpress is a boilerplate template management software and will save you a lot of time in your daily office work by automating input of frequently required texts.

We make every effort to provide accurate and comprehensive information, but cannot guarantee that it is error-free. The documentation is subject to continuous updates.

Warnings are indicated by the left warning symbol and should not ignored. Really. Do not ignore them.

The green light bulb indicates tips & tricks, that provide extra productivity benefits.


PhraseExpress is installed like most regular programs on a Mac.

To install PhraseExpress:
  1. Download the DMG installation file.
  2. Double-click the installation file and move the PhraseExpress symbol onto the Applications folder.
  3. Add PhraseExpress to the Mac System Preferences » Security & Privacy » Privacy » Accessibility (Video tutorial).
  4. If you have purchased a license, register the license key in PhraseExpress.
  • The MacOS autotext feature will collide with PhraseExpress if you use the same autotext abbreviations. Do not to use the same abbreviations or consider removing any autotext definitions in System Preferences » Keyboard » Text.
  • Apple macOS can be configured to ignore focus to radio buttons, check boxes and a few other input controls. In this case, such controls cannot be used with the keyboard but with the mouse only.

    To change this setting, open the System Preferences » Keyboard » Shortcuts und set option "Full keyboard access" to "All Controls". This will allow you to navigate in forms by key presses.

Getting started

Let's save our first phrases in PhraseExpress. This could be your email or mail address, a email footer or some boilerplate templates.

To create a phrase:
  1. Type and/or highlight any frequently used text in your favorite text editor.
  2. Click the PhraseExpress task bar icon and select "New phrase…" (or press CMD+ALT+C).
  3. Enter a meaningful description for your new phrase. Skip the other options for now. We will cover those later.
  4. Pressing OK saves the phrase.

Done. You will never have to type that phrase again:

  1. Place the cursor anywhere you wish to insert the new phrase.
  2. Press ALT-SPACE - This is the one important hotkey you might want to memorize.
  3. The hotkey opens the phrase menu. Now, type any part of the description of the phrase, you just created.
  4. If the phrase menu narrowed down sufficiently, select the desired phrase with the UP and DOWN keys and press ENTER to insert the phrase.

Now, you probably want to grab a tea/coffee and grieve the rest of the day over how you could have lived without it.

What's next?

We almost don't dare to tell, that this is just the beginning. We have not even touched the surface of what PhraseExpress can do for you.

Here are some suggestions what to do next right after installation:

User interface

The PhraseExpress client user interface consists of the menu bar icon, the phrase menus and the main program window.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents