This documentation refers to PhraseExpress v5 beta. The documentation for current v4 is available here.

Macro functions

Phrases are not limited to static contents. Macro functions provide powerful additional features:

The PhraseExpress versions for Windows, Mac and iPhone/iPad support a selection of macro functions with an adapted feature set. The iOS App does not include a macro editor - macro functions must be configured in a desktop edition of PhraseExpress.

How macros works

Macro functions are placeholders in the phrase contents that are replaced with dynamic contents into the static phrase at the time of phrase insertion.


The current date is CurrentDate. The current time is CurrentTime.

PhraseExpress processes macro functions sequentially (with the only exception of form input macros) and replaces the macro placeholder with the current date:

The current date is 12/19/2020. The current time is 09:45am.

If you trigger the same phrase on another day, the corresponding updated date and time would be inserted.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents