This documentation refers to PhraseExpress v6 beta. The documentation for current v5 is available here.

Input type

Parameter "Type" allows you to choose from a variety of input types:

You can select from following options:

Text input

The single- or multi-line text input type prompts for text:

The user input replaces the macro placeholder in the phrase.

Macro dialog:

PhraseExpress can optionally prevent input mistakes by checking the syntax (e.g. URL, email address, file path, numbers, letters, etc.).


PhraseExpress outputs the content as specified for the ticked or unticked checkbox.

Checkbox group

Outputs the content as specified for checked/unchecked checkboxes. The output for each checkbox of group is enumerated with the specified enumeration text. The last two outputs are concatenated by the corresponding enumeration text as specified.

Radio button group

Radio buttons allow you to make one single choice out of multiple options.

Input Grid

An input grid adds a table, consisting of multiple input types.

After filling out the form, the outputs associated with the selected column elements are replaced with the macro placeholder. If several options are selected, the output will be enumerated with the defined separator and the final last separator. The individual lines will be separated with the defined line separator.

Single-line input

Multi-line input


Radio button

Table of Contents

Table of Contents