This documentation refers to PhraseExpress v6 beta. The documentation for current v5 is available here.

Phrase linkPhrase Links allow you to re-use one phrase (folder) in multiple other folders.

The phrase is only stored once and the links point to the original phrase.

Links can be identified by a little chain symbol in the phrase/folder icon.

Sample applications

  • Cross-topic phrases can be called from multiple phrase folders containing specific topics.
  • A selection of phrases of different phrase folders can be combined in another folder as links and can be individually sorted in that folder.
To create a link:
  1. Open the main program window.
  2. Highlight one or more phrase (folders).
  3. Right-click the highlighted items and select "Create link":

  4. Move the created link(s) into the desired folder in the tree view.

To create links even faster, just drag & drop phrases while pressing the ALT-key.

Deleting a phrase also deletes any link to it.

Deleting a link does not affect the original phrase.

If you edit a link, you edit the original in fact. The link is an alias and routes any change to the original phrase.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents