PhraseExpress for Mac - Changelog

  • Sync protocol
  • PhraseExpress creates a new phrase file when joining a shared phrase database (instead of replacing the data of the currently loaded phrase file).
  • Desktop menu display issues
  • Recycle bin flush issue
  • Support for upcoming Macro Recorder v3 (beta in preparation)
  • Access restrictions may have not been saved in rare situations.
  • Solved issues with the macro functions form, comparison and If-Then-Else

Compatible with PhraseExpress v16 for Windows

  • Minor macro fixes
  • Improved Apple macOS "Monterey" support
  • Compatibility issue with Windows version.
  • New Deepl API support.
  • Program restriction dialog did not show all installed apps.
  • License key could not be registered with specific regional settings.
  • Native Apple M1 CPU support.
  • Backup phrase files can now be opened directly in PhraseExpress.
  • Improved CSV file import.

  • Optional new/classic menu bar icon.
  • Improved dark mode detection.
  • Phrase file import.
  • Form element display issues.

  • Improved import compatibility of phrase files of the Windows version.
  • Support for new DeepL API v2.
  • Improved macro processing if variables are used that are not defined.
  • Rare crash issue
  • Deepl API v2 Support
  • Empty entries in form drop-down menus and groups are now hidden.
  • A selection of form parameters are now pre-parsed.
  • Improbed output of form groups with embedded macro functions.
  • Portuguese and Russian added to DeepL language translation.
  • Global variables in forms.
  • Nesting of #insert
  • TextExpander Import

First release of major new version 3 (new features).

Compatible with PhraseExpress v14 for Windows

Compatible with PhraseExpress v2 for iOS.

Compatible with Macro Recorder v1.

  • Fixed import issue with phrase files coming from PhraseExpress for Windows since v13.5.
  • Fixed issue with the form radio group macro function
  • Setup Wizard for compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (takes effect on 05/25/2018)
  • Optional HTML formatted phrase output (for Gmail compatibility).
  • Compatibility with newer PhraseExpress versions for Windows (v13.5 or later) if using a SQL server. Variables are not supported yet and will be ignored by the Mac version.
  • Privacy policy dialogs.
  • Options to configure automatic check for new software updates.
  • Shortened backup file names.
  • Import issue with phrase files of older PhraseExpress for Windows versions.
  • Rare crashes on PhraseExpress exit.

First release of PhraseExpress for Mac v2.

  • This version requires an update of any PhraseExpress for iOS/Windows to the latest version.
  • Compatibility preparations for upcoming new versions.
  • Simplified iOS cloudsync activation (File » Sync with iOS devices).
  • Enabled iOS sync is illustrated in the phrase tree by a cloud tree root symbol.
  • Clicking phrase menu folders simplify the navigation through deep folder structures.
  • Significantly increased phrase folder duplication.
  • Preview shows rendered macro functions.
  • Preview can be easily disabled with a X button.
  • Improved automatic switch between formatted vs unformatted phrases.
  • Additional hints when hovering phrase tree items.
  • Automatic restore from backup in case of faulty phrase file.
  • Easy iPhone/iPad sync activation in the "File" menu.
  • Crash when saving in rare situations.

First release of PhraseExpress for Mac v1