This documentation refers to PhraseExpress v6 beta. The documentation for current v5 is available here.

Working with phrase files

You can create, load, save, import and export phrase files in PhraseExpress.

PhraseExpress supports a variety of different storage types for your phrases:


Local phrase file

Local Phrase File

Phrase files have the extension .pexdb and contain the phrase folder structure, phrase contents, trigger settings, program restrictions and access permissions.

The default name is "phrases.pexdb" unless you saved your phrases under a new file name.

In earlier PhraseExpress for Mac versions, the phrase file name was "phrases.pxi" which can not be loaded anymore, but imported.

SQL database

SQL Server connection

PhraseExpress loads the phrases from Microsoft SQL servers.

Cloud file

Phrase file stored in a cloud storage sync folder

PhraseExpress automatically detects if the phrase file is in a folder synced by a popular cloud synchronization service.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents