This documentation refers to PhraseExpress v6 beta. The documentation for current v5 is available here.

Clipboard Manager

The Clipboard Manager is a system phrase folder and provides instant access to earlier clipboard contents.

To open the Clipboard Manager popup menu, press customizable hotkey CMD + ALT + V

PhraseExpress analyzes the clipboard contents and provides context matching extra options if you right-click any item:

In above example, PhraseExpress detected an email address and offers to create a new email or to open the homepage corresponding to the email address.

To enable the clipboard manager, open the PhraseExpress settings and check Features » Clipboard Cache.

To configure the Clipboard Manager, select the clipboard cache folder in the phrase tree view of the main program window:

  • You can specify a trigger to open the clipboard cache popup menu. The default hotkey is CMD+ ALT + V which is easy to memorize as CMD- V pastes the regular clipboard.
  • The Clipboard Manager can optionally be emptied on program shut-down.
  • Text formatting and bitmaps can optionally automatically be stripped from the clipboard contents.
  • The Clipboard Manager can be restricted to specific programs to prevent, that it gets sensitive information from specific programs.

The Clipboard Manager menu can be pinned as a desktop menu for quick access.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents