This documentation refers to PhraseExpress v6 beta. The documentation for current v5 is available here.

Import macOS autotext

PhraseExpress can import your autotext replacement items stored in macOS for use in any program and to sync your Mac autotexts with PhraseExpress for Windows.

To import macOS autotexts for use in PhraseExpress:
  1. Open the PhraseExpress main program window.
  2. Click on "File" in the top left corner of the system menu bar and select "Import macOS Autotexts":

PhraseExpress will create a new phrase folder which holds a copy of all autotexts defined in macOS.

Important configuration requirement

MacOS includes text replacement and spelling correction features that may collide with PhraseExpress. You might want to configure macOS if you want to use the same autotext shortcuts in PhraseExpress to prevent conflicts:

Table of Contents

Table of Contents