20 years PhraseExpress - Major new version 16.1 out now!

Beta Download

Try the new features before the actual release:

  • File compatibility with the new PhraseExpress Windows version 16.
  • Robust new phrase storage system that can handle >100.000 phrases and a large number of large bitmaps.
  • Significantly increased performance, e.g. faster loading and faster phrase menu display.
  • New "peer-to-peer" sharing mechanism to prevent version conflicts and edit collisions.
  • New trigger system (RegEx autotext/clipboard, time-programmed phrase execution).
  • Gender-specific phrases ("Gender-O-Matic").
  • Form input helper
  • Horizontally oriented checkboxes in forms.
  • Phrases can be individually restored to earlier edit versions.
  • PhraseExpress now aggreates the phrase usage by all users of a shared file.
  • Phrases can be sorted either alphabetically, by usage, date of last use or by length, separately configured for individual folder.
  • Improved dark mode.
  • Many more new features and improvements.

IMPORTANT: If using the iOS App, you must download the new PhraseExpress 3 iOS App that is available free and without feature restrictions in the Apple Appstore.

PhraseExpress v5 beta does not convert global variables of old PhraseExpress v3.

I accept the license terms.


Beta versions and release candidates are provided “as is” and is not ready for use in production environment - Use at own risk!

Pre releases require a license or license reminders are occasionally shown. Specifications and features may be subject to change until final release. Don't save production phrase files with the pre release version as those may become unreadable with earlier version or the final release of the new version as the file format may change until release.