Move phrases

Phrases can be moved or copied within the folder structure and also between different phrase files/databases.

To move phrases:
  • Drag and drop the phrases or phrase folders into the desired target phrase folder. If you hold down the CMD key, the elements are copied instead of moved.
  • Alternatively, select the desired elements and click the Move button in the main menu and select the desired target phrase folder/file in the dialog window.
  • Or use the clipboard to cut/copy selected elements to paste them into a selected target phrase folder.

Phrases can also be moved and copied across files, including access rights settings.

If phrases are moved or copied from a Windows version to the phrase file branch of a PhraseExpress Mac or iOS version, data may be trimmed according to the functionality of the edition of the target version.

Items cannot be moved or copied in following situations:
  • You do not have edit permissions (or any subfolder of that folder).
  • Another user is editing the element.
  • The phrase file is write-protected.

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