Microsoft SQL Server Support

PhraseExpress supports connections to Microsoft SQL Servers to share phrases in a company network.

On-Premise or Cloud

The SQL server can be self-hosted or Azure/Amazon AWS cloud-based.

Access Restrictions

Phrases can be restricted to individual users, workgroups or domains, based on local or cloud-based Microsoft ActiveDirectory/Entra (in v17 beta).

Central Management

All clients, settings, licenses, access rights and software updates can be centrally managed.

The client user interface can be restricted to prevent operating errors.

Multi-language Phrases

PhraseExpress can manage phrases not only in a customizable multi-level folder structure but also in multiple languages.

Phrases can be auto-translated with DeepL/OpenAI.


Phrases can be discussed with a built-in chat system.

The version history logs changes made by any user.

Offline Support

The SQL phrase database can be downloaded onto a computer for offline-use with a single press of a button.