Document Generator

The built-in document generator creates complete documents with a few mouse clicks.

Video demo

Video demo

PhraseExpress renders a complete document based on that "receipt".

  • Microsoft Word enumerations are automatically re-calculated.
  • You can preview the document or parts at any time.
  • The generated document can be pasted into any target application or saved as a file, based on a Microsoft Word template of your choice.
  • You can create templates to create new documents based on similar phrases. Templates can even be nested.


  • Lawyers create custom contracts in no time: Select the terms to be included, press OK and the customized contract will be saved as a Microsoft Word file on your desktop.
  • Technical writers can re-use common parts of a documentation to quickly create a variation of existing user manuals.
  • Medical doctors can select applicable items from the list of common procedures to create a customized surgery report.