Clipboard Manager

The PhraseExpress Clipboard Manager adds a memory to your clipboard and provide instant access to the clipboard history.

Click for a video demo:

Sample Applications

  • Never lose information again - Save useful text snippets for later use.
  • Work faster - Copy contents in bulk and insert everything without switching back and forth between applications.
  • Enjoy the magic - The general PhraseExpress snippets manager and the Clipboard Manager works hand-in-hand: Let PhraseExpress output a boilerplate template containing snippets of the clipboard history.

Smart Integration

The Clipboard Manager smoothly integrates into the Snippet Organizer - Clipboard items can be seamlessly transferred from the Clipboard Manager to your phrase library.

Smart Extra Features

PhraseExpress offers useful functions depending on the clipboard contents.

Video demo

Clipboard Sharing

Share clipboard items of your choice with cloud synchronization or in a client-/server architecture (incl. SQL server and Citrix/TerminalServer support).

Clipboard Collections

a set of clipboard items can be output in one action, separated by a delimiter of your choice.

This allows you to create comma separated keyword lists with single mouse click:

Clipboard Manager Options

The clipboard history can optionally be cleared on program exit, leading/trailing space characters can be stripped from the clipboard entries.