Autotext in any Program

PhraseExpress can expand text abbreviations into words and sentences.

  • Works universally in any program and is not limited to MS Office.
  • The same autotext shortcut can expand different text depending on the target programs.


No more memorizing abbreviations.

Simply start typing the beginning of a text and PhraseExpress narrows down matching auto-completions as-you-type.


Multiple Choice Autotext

The same Autotext can be associated to multiple phrases to create a multiple choice text.

Built-In Pocket Calculator

PhraseExpress calculates math expressions in any document, saving you from switching between a calculator and the text editor!

Restrict Autotext to specific apps

Autotext and hotkeys of any phrase can be restricted to specific programs.

The same autotext can have a different meaning in different programs.

If you do not want text replacements in specific applications, just exclude PhraseExpress from it with a press of a button.