System-wide AutoCorrect in any program

PhraseExpress corrects spelling mistakes in any program:


Ever missed a spelling correction feature in your web browser, database front-end or messenger program? PhraseExpress works everywhere!

Export AutoCorrect from MS Word

PhraseExpress can import Word Autotext and AutoCorrect entries for use in any program!


Watch the video tutorial

Your AutoCorrect entries will be available in your favorite browser, text editor, database front end, messaging app, etc.

Do you have an iPhone/iPad? Awesome, there is an PhraseExpress iOS app and you can sync Word AutoCorrect with mobile devices, too.

Transfer Word AutoCorrect to another computer

Once you imported the Microsoft Word AutoCorrect items, you can copy the PhraseExpress phrase file to any other computer.

The optional client-/server architecture and cloud synchronization allows you to even share common AutoCorrect in your network.

TypoLearn™ learns your individual spelling mistakes

Everyone knows letter tiwsts that happen over and over again and which are unique for every user.

PhraseExpress not only comes with a large collection of ready-to-use spelling corrections but can also learn from your very own spelling mistakes.


After a short learning period, PhraseExpress can correct your individual typos:


TypoLearn works silently in the background and requires any configuration.


  • PhraseExpress enables you to use your MS Word AutoCorrect in any program, not just in Word or Outlook.
  • Common spelling corrections in six languages are available as a free download.
  • The client-/server architecture allows you to share common AutoCorrect with others in your network and with password-protected cloud synchronization over the internet.