System-wide AutoCorrect in any program

PhraseExpress corrects spelling mistakes in any program:

Ever missed a spelling correction feature in your web browser, database front-end or messenger program? PhraseExpress works everywhere!

This works even across different computers and operating systems - Any spelling correction defined on Windows becomes available on Mac, too!

TypoLearn™ learns your individual spelling mistakes

Everyone is familiar with spceific lteter mix-ups that recur time and again, unique to each individual.

PhraseExpress not only provides a comprehensive collection of ready-to-use spelling corrections but also learns from your unique spelling errors.


After a short learning period, PhraseExpress can correct your individual typos:


TypoLearn works silently in the background and requires any configuration.


  • PhraseExpress allows you to utilize your MS Word AutoCorrect in any application, not just limited to Word or Outlook.
  • We offer common spelling corrections in six languages as a free download.
  • With its client-server architecture, PhraseExpress enables you to share common AutoCorrect entries with others on your network, and synchronize securely with password protection over the cloud.