Text Expander with AI Power

Artificial intelligence revolutionizes the way to work with your computer.

Use AI in Any Program!

Create your own AI powered functions for use in any program. Word, Outlook, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, just everywhere:

Application examples

  • Spell- and Grammar-check any text.
  • Rewrite text anywhere in formal/informal style.
  • Convert from passive into active sentences.

  • Prompt OpenAI in any application with existing text.

  • Translate text into other languages.

AI-Generated Text Templates

No more endless drafting text templates. PhraseExpress does it in seconds with ChatGPT4 support.

Perfect Partnership

Save money and time!

OpenAI charges a small fee for each text processing task as they have to operate extremely powerful computers to provide its service.

Instead of paying fees every time you generate a text over and over, PhraseExpress can store the text snippets for infinite free re-use.

PhraseExpress also saves time as phrases are stored locally for instant access while AI text processing takes a little time, creating a delay between creation and actual use of a phrase.

If you need repetitively the same AI-generated phrases over and over, PhraseExpress is the ideal team mate for OpenAI!

OpenAI is an independent 3rd party paid online service. PhraseExpress has no influence in its performance but only provides an interface to 3rd party functionality.