Text Expander with AI Power

Artificial intelligence revolutionizes the way to work with text.

PhraseExpress integrates the online service "OpenAI" to process your phrases:

  • Rewrite phrases into formal/informal style.
  • Convert from passive into active sentences.

  • Change between male and female form ("she is her brother" » "he is his brother").

  • Change between "we" and "I" form ("I am one" » "We are one")

  • Change from single to multiple form ("one tooth" » "multiple teeth").

  • Grammar-check your phrases.

AI-Generated Text Templates at a Glance

Say goodbye to hours spent on drafting and refining text templates. PhraseExpress can now generate templates in seconds with OpenAI/ChatGPT4 support.

With support for multiple languages, communicate effortlessly across borders.

Use OpenAI in Any Program on Your PC

AI-process any text in application on your computer with a press of a button!

No need to switch back and forth between the OpenAI website and the actual you are working with to use AI power.

Just highlight text in any program and select the desired action. You can summarize, analyze, translate the text as you instruct OpenAI to do so. It can even reply to your emails as you can see in this video demo:

Perfect Partnership

Save money and time!

OpenAI charges a small fee for each text processing task as they have to operate extremely powerful computers to provide its service.

Instead of paying fees every time you generate a text over and over, PhraseExpress can store the text snippets for infinite free re-use.

PhraseExpress also saves time as phrases are stored locally for instant access while AI text processing takes a little time, creating a delay between creation and actual use of a phrase.

If you need repetitively the same AI-generated phrases over and over, PhraseExpress is the ideal team mate for OpenAI!

Why AI?

Artificial intelligence understands written language in a way similar to a human. This allows for more accurate and nuanced conversion of text, as the AI is able to understand the context and meaning behind words and phrases.

PhraseExpress integrates OpenAI to allow you modifying your existing phrases.

It can rewrite existing phrases in a more formal or informal tone, summarize or elaborate sentences. You can also change the pronouns from first person to third person in any given text or generate a text variation.

The AI technology cannot only rewrite existing text but also generate new phrases based on a textual description, e.g. "write a customer product delivery confirmation".

OpenAI is an independent 3rd party paid online service. PhraseExpress has no influence in its performance or fitness for your application but only provides an interface to the 3rd party functionality.