Outlook Integration

The Outlook Add-In provides a special integration with Microsoft® Outlook® to enable exciting new features:

Auto-complete Salutation

PhraseExpress can autocomplete the name when replying to email:

Autocomplete salutation

Context-Aware boilerplate templates

No more searching for the right phrase. PhraseExpress can analyze the email subject and body to filter on-topics phrases:

Context-aware phrases


  • Answer emails blazingly fast with a pre-filled personal greeting ("Dear Joanne").
  • No more embarrassing situations by misspelled names.
  • Personal email intros that are on topic ("Thank you for your interest in [product name is dynamically added]".
  • High accuracy by matching the first name against a large built-in database.
  • Named based gender detection for formal correspondence ("Mr./Ms.".)
  • Works with German, too ("Sehr geehrter Herr Meier" / "Sehr geehrte Frau Kuhn")
  • Save time by phrase suggestions that match to the actual email context.

This Outlook COM Add-In requires a local Microsoft Outlook installation. The new "progressive web app (PWA)" is not supported.