Multi Language Phrases

PhraseExpress can manage phrase not only in a customizable multi-level folder structure of a SQL phrase database but also in multiple dimensions:


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The exact same phrase library can be switched between multiple languages or different products, departments, applications in no time.

This is a total game changer for call centers or technical support handling customer inquiries in multipe languages or different products.

Creating a multi-language phrase library is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Organize phrases in the desired folder structure.
  2. Add a new language of the very same folder structure.
  3. Translate all items. Unedited items are highlighted.

The folder structure, autotext abbreviations and hotkeys remain the same, regardless of the selected language.

You can switch to the desired language and enter the abbreviation you would use in your language. PhraseExpress uses the same abbreviation for the phrase in the language currently selected.

AI-based Language Translation

PhraseExpress teamed up with the 3rd party online translation service "Deepl Pro", allowing you to translate individual phrases or entire snippet databases in no time.

Video Demo