Input Forms

PhraseExpress not only manages static boilerplate text but can also collect user input before inserting a phrase:

Forms can include multiple manual text input boxes, check box or radio button groups, drop-down menus, calendars or numeric input sliders:

Form options

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The from input is processed and replaced with the place-holders in the phrase and output into the target application (or saved to a file):

Form example output

Input Processing

PhraseExpress can process the input with powerful macro commands:

Conditional statements

Input Validation

User input is optionally validated to prevent input mistakes:

Syntaxprüfung für Textbausteine

Each input can be checked for several syntax formats such as email addresses, URLs, file or folder paths, text only, numbers only.

Easy Form Generation

Creating a form is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Create a boilerplate tempate.
  2. Add form place-holders to the boilerplate.
  3. You're done - No programming skills needed!

When you later execute the phrase, PhraseExpress collects the form place-holders and render the form dynamically.

Smart Form Processing

Forms can be combined with other PhraseExpress macro functions to create a powerful text automation solution:

  • Analyze and convert input to other custom text.
  • Trigger other phrases depending on user input.
  • Enumerations are automatically generated as you can see in above example ("cough, congestion and rhinorrhea"). Commas and the customizable link word "and" are properly inserted as needed.
  • User input can be stored in variables for additional automation tasks.
  • "If-then-else" statements can process user input and output conditional text.
  • PhraseExpress can perform calculations based on numeric input.
  • Form contents can be include external data (e.g. XML, XLS).
  • Forms can be used in combination with the Document Generator.

Inline input forms

Video demo

WYSIWYG forms can be formatted with free positioning of input controls:

Formatiertes Formular

Creating a WYSIWYG form is as easy as using a graphics editor.