Macro Automation

PhraseExpress and the macro program Macro Recorder form a powerful automation solution.

Click the image to watch the demo video:

Macro Recorder Integration

"Macro Recorder" works like a "tape recorder" for your computer:

Recording a macro is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Press "Record" and perform the actions.
  2. Macro Recorder records your mouse movement, clicks, program changes and text input.
  3. Edit the recorded action steps in the comfortable macro editor.
The automation macro can then be enriched with the PhraseExpress functionality:
  • Call a macro by pressing a hotkey or typing an Autotext.
  • Organize your macro collection along in a customizable tree structure.
  • Define access rights for specific users.
  • Share macros in the network or in the cloud.
  • Daisy-chain macros or combine them with other phrases to create advanced automation sequences.