Software for Medical Transcription

Write medical reports in less time with improved accuracy.

PhraseExpress autocompletes drug names, treatments and "dot phrases" in any program:

Medical transcription demo

Instant Phrase Suggestions with PhraseExpress

Begin typing a phrase, and PhraseExpress immediately offers relevant completions.

PhraseExpress is the go-to medical transcription software for physicians, small clinics, and hospitals aiming to reduce typing time and enhance patient interactions.

You can also use PhraseExpress for your dot phrases you may created already.

Medical Transcription on Steroid

Supercharge the typing efficiency of transcriptionists working on medical history reports, physical examinations, operative summaries, consultations, autopsies, progress notes, and referral letters using PhraseExpress.

Easily incorporate standard medical references—whether drug lists or common transcription phrases — by simply dragging and dropping text files into the PhraseExpress interface.

We provide a complimentary glossary of medical terms, ensuring medical professionals have the tools they need for daily practice.

Simplify Your ICD-10 Searches

Forget memorizing complex codes or toggling between applications for ICD-10 references.

With PhraseExpress, you can seamlessly import your ICD-10 databases for integration into any software.

Simply input a medical condition, and PhraseExpress will promptly suggest relevant ICD-10 codes.

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I use PhraseExpress daily in our RADIO-LOG practice for documentation in the Oncology Information System and for writing patient letters. This grants me more time to take care of our patients and their health.

Cross-Platform Support

Write patient notes everywhere!

PhraseExpress is available not only for Microsoft Windows. The TextExpander alternative saves your time on your Mac, too. The Text Expander App for iPhone and iPad provides the productivity benefits on tablet or smartphone devices.

Ready for your EMR

PhraseExpress seamlessly integrates with your EHR/EMR solution and internal database applications.

  • Enjoy system-wide utility: Whether you're on an online or offline EHR/EMR system, PhraseExpress has got you covered.
  • Complementary, not competitive: PhraseExpress isn’t here to replace autocompletion tools but to enhance them with an array of supplementary features.
  • Versatility across platforms: Experience the productivity edge not only in EHR systems but also in applications like Microsoft Office or any web browser.
  • Team-friendly design: Its client/server structure facilitates phrase sharing within your team for consistent communications.
  • Smooth data transitions: With its platform-agnostic design, PhraseExpress ensures seamless data migration, regardless of your specific EHR.

Privacy First

Your data remains exclusively on your computer!

PhraseExpress is locally installed, eliminating the need for external cloud services.

No data must be sent or stored off-site. You retain complete ownership of your data and maintain total control over the application.

For added security, phrases can be encrypted using AES and safeguarded with a password.

PhraseExpress is fully HIPAA and HI-TECH compliant.

Try the free demo for Windows or Mac and start saving time now!

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